About NKU


The Nankai University campus consists of three campuses, the Balitai Campus, the Jinan New Campus and theTEDA Campus.

Balitai Campus:

Nankai University was founded in 1919and originalCampus is located at Balitai, Nankai district ofTianjin.TheNankai has been one of the most influential institutions inmodernChina. In its nearly 100 years of history, the Balitai campus has been the symbol of the educational philosophy of cultural heritage. Now, the culturally traditional and historically significance that is the old campus, Balitai is home to the traditional advantage ous disciplines, currently hosting a total of 10 colleges: the Business School, School of Economics, School of Literature, College of Chemistry, School of Mathematical Sciences, Instituteof Physics, College of Foreign Languages, College of Life Sciences andInstituteof Japan Studies.

Jinnan campus:

Jinnan, the new campus of Nankai University, is located in the Golden Corridor of the Binhai New Area. In September 2015, it started its educational activities with a total of 14 colleges, the Zhou Enlai School of Government, College of Tourism and Service Management, School of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, Law School, College of Chinese Language and Culture, Faculty of Philosophy, College of History, College of Computer and Control Engineering, College of Electronic Information and Optical Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Finance and College of Software. The Jinnan campus focuses on the emerging, cross, and applied disciplines, while at the same time reserving plenty of space for the developing of Nankai’s future in international cooperation.

TEDA Campus:

Nankai’s TEDA Campus, located in TEDA, Binhai New Area of Tianjin, serves as one of the three campuses of Nankai University. Its two current instates are the TEDA Institute of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology and the TEDA Institute of Applied Physics. TEDA College is committed to pushing the industry involvement in education of Nankai University, exploring new models for education and promotinginnovationwithin the education sector. TEDA College is actively expanding the awareness of the excellence of Nankai University, and iscontributionto the building of Nankai into a top-ranking university.