The graduation ceremony of China aid 2019 master's program of software college was successfully held

On the afternoon of July 2, the graduation ceremony 2019 China aid degree education (Master of Software Engineering) project of Nankai University was grandly held in Xingtan lecture hall of TEDA campus. Former president of Nankai University and World Engineering Federation Chairman Gong ke, director of Project Management Division I of the training center of the Ministry of Commerce Ha yu, deputy director of Foreign Economic Department of Tianjin Bureau of Commerce Xin gang, director of the training office of the Graduate School of Nankai University, Jiang Yawen and Dean of the school of software Zhang Yuzhi attended the meeting. The ceremony was presided over by Zeng Lijian, Secretary of the general Party branch of the software college.

30 Students from 16 countries and regions including Ethiopia, Jamaica, Grenada and Tajikistan attended the ceremony. It began with the solemn national anthem.


In his speech, Dean Zhang Yuzhi congratulated 2019 China aid graduates. Due to the various factors caused by COVID-19, although there are regrets, the overall situation is perfect and smooth. Strict control measures ensure the safety of students.


Software engineering is a rapidly developing industry and discipline. Hope foreign students will continue to uphold the motto of Nankai University, make more contributions to their respective country and nation. Maintain contacts, consolidate friendship and cooperate with China for development.


Later, former president Gong ke issued graduation certificates to the graduates one by one, and the guests presented keepsake to the graduates.


Mr. Chris, the representative of international students, also gave a speech to express the thanks to Chinese government and Nankai University for providing learning opportunities. At the same time, he congratulated all the students and express his heartfelt thanks to the teachers of the college.

Director Ha yu congratulated and thanked the foreign students for fighting side by side with China, overcoming difficulties and winning the epidemic prevention and control of interdiction warfare hand in hand. It is hoped that the foreign students can apply what they have learned in China to their future work and serve the country's economic and social development better, become a friendly envoy to promote practical cooperation and build friendship bridges between the two countries.


Last, Former president Gong ke extended cordial greetings to the foreign students. Engineering education is of great importance to developing countries. It is important to change the face of the world and promote the development of human society. He encouraged and inspired foreign students with his own experience of study abroad, and  wished them a happy graduation.


The degree education project to assist developing countries aims to cultivate talents in high-end technology, economy, trade and management for recipient countries.

Since its establishment, it plays an important role in helping developing countries cultivate talents and promote national foreign cooperation, and it is more and more welcomed by the majority of developing countries.


The software college has been approved to undertake the project since 2017, which is the only unit of software engineering discipline in China. It is also one of the degree programs which enrolled most in China. The students have been strictly screened at all levels and are with higher quality. The project has a two-year academic system, with full English teaching and thesis guidance. The success of this software engineering project effectively promoted the internationalization process of our university. Director Ha yu gave his full affirmation and warm praise to the project undertaken by Nankai University.

Vice dean of software college, Sun Wei, Xie Maoqiang and some teachers and students attended the ceremony.