Nankai University-Huawei Ascend Innovation Practice Course Held Successfully



(Correspondent: Xie Maoqiang) Nankai University-Huawei Ascend Innovation Practice Course was at Jinnan Campus on October 16th and 17th. Chen Xiuhong and Yan Bingyang, the senior artificial intelligence training engineers of Huawei Global Training Center, Xie Maoqiang, Shen Shuyin, and Li Zhengdan, the teachers of College of Software, and more than 60 students of College of Computer Science had the deep-learning innovation practice course based on Huawei Ascend’s architecture.


The Two Huawei engineers gave lectures on the latest development of artificial intelligence technologies to the teachers and students of Nankai University who took the course, and introduced MindSpore, the world's leading artificial intelligence computing platform based on Huawei Cloud. On this basis, they lead students to implement three development tasks of computer vision and machine translation on the Cloud. The students and teachers took the course have gained a lot.


The students took the course said that it’s very happy to have direct access to the most advanced artificial intelligence technology in the school and to have on-site communication with Huawei engineers, and proud of China’s advanced level in the field of artificial intelligence. Teachers had the course also expressed that they would combine what they have learned in these two days and the teaching in the following lessons, and actively offer more project-based intelligent software practice training courses to effectively improve students' practical ability.


Nankai University-Huawei “Intelligence Base” Production-Education Integrated and Collaborative Education Base was signed in December 2020, focusing on computer, software engineering, artificial intelligence, electronic information and other technical fields, aiming to cultivate a group of excellent engineering talents who can adapt to and lead a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation.