Director Zou Peng of ITAI Haihe Laboratory and His Team Came to the College for Research

On the afternoon of November 27th, Director Zou Peng of Advanced Computing and Key Software ITAI (Information Technology Application Innovation) Haihe Laboratory came to the College for research and exchanges, accompanied by Zeng Lijian, Party Secretary of the College, Zhang Yuzhi, Dean of the College, and Jiang Jinhong, Deputy Dean of TEDA College during the campus visiting and forum. The two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on further advanced cooperation.

Director Zou Peng and his team had an in-depth understanding of the College’s infrastructure, faculty, teaching and research and other aspects, and in high spirits inspected the teaching building, lecture hall, student apartment, stadium and other venues. Their perceptual understanding of the College’s software and hardware conditions was increased.

At the forum, Director Zou and his team introduced the background and cooperation expectations of this research activity, for the hope of strengthened cooperation in scientific research team construction, personnel training base construction, ITAI mass entrepreneurship and innovation base construction, and joint training of graduate students, etc., closely focusing on the field of ITAI, so as to cultivate outstanding talents in the field of ITAI for the nation and promote national science and technology innovation and development.

Zeng Lijian, Party Secretary of the College, expressed that the University and Binhai New Area are jointly building the Tianjin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance of Internet New Economy Talents. The Alliance aims to build an Internet industry cluster and talent highland in Tianjin, which is closely related to the ITAI industry. The College shares many natural link points with ITAI Haihe Laboratory, and will actively participate in and fully cooperate with the Laboratory construction.

Zhang Yuzhi, Dean of the College said that the College currently during a critical period of reform and development has been actively participating in industry-university-research cooperation in the field of ITAI in recent years. As Tianjin's Characteristic and Exemplary Software College Construction Unit, the College has jointly constructed the Tianjin operating system enterprise key laboratory with Kirin Software and is willing to carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation with ITAI Laboratory in teaching, research and other aspects, to make Nankai’s contribution to the development of the ITAI industry.

It is reported that ITAI Haihe Laboratory, in full name of Advanced Computing and Key Software (ITAI) Haihe Laboratory, was officially inaugurated on November 16, 2021. Focusing on five main directions including ITAIand cell ecology, the high-level construction of Haihe Laboratory is an important measure for Tianjin to promote science and technology innovation and development and implement new development psychology, and aims to make Tianjin's contribution to the realizing the national independence and improvement of science and technology.