2022 China Aid Degree Education Software Engineering Master Program The online opening ceremony was successfully held

On the evening of September 28, the opening ceremony of the 2022 China Aid Degree Education Program (Software Engineering Master Program) of Nankai University was held through Tencent Conference online. Xu Jingjun, Executive vice president of Nankai University, Xin Gang, Deputy Director of the Foreign Economics Office of Tianjin Bureau of Commerce, Ou Yingxi, vice dean of the School of International Education, Jiang Yawen, Director of the Graduate School's Training Office, and Zhang Yuzhi, dean of the School of Software attended the ceremony.Hu Jun, Party secretary of the School of Software, presided over the ceremony.

Seventy-three students from 21 countries and regions, including Afghanistan, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Iraq, participated in the ceremony online in their home countries. The ceremony officially began with the solemn national anthem. Xu Jingjun, executive vice president, warmly welcomed all the students to become Nankai residents in his speech, and introduced the history, current situation, cultural traditions and international exchanges of Nankai. Xu Jingjun said that the university attached great importance to the Master's program in China Aid. He hoped that the students would not only learn technology, knowledge and experience in Nankai, but also gain the friendly feelings between the Chinese people and the teachers and students of Nankai, and become the new force in the field of Internet and software engineering in the host country after the completion of the study, but also become the messengers to promote international friendly exchanges. And build a bridge of friendship for young people from all over the world to study and exchange in China.

Zhang Yuzhi, dean of software college, mentioned in his speech that against the special background of the pandemic, we welcomed 73 foreign students from the 2022 China Aid academic degree program. In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education, the School of Software will follow the educational purpose and philosophy of Nankai, make good arrangements for the courses of international students, wish them academic progress, gain knowledge, ability and friendship, and become a bridge and symbol of integration and cooperation between China and the world.

Professor Wang Jing, representative of the faculty, and Mr. Hu Dawei, representative of the overseas students, also made speeches respectively, expressing their longing for the future of teaching.

The Academic Degree Education Program of China Aid to developing countries aims to train high-end technical, economic, trade and management talents for recipient countries. Since its establishment, the program has played an important role in helping developing countries train talents and promoting national cooperation with other countries, and has been widely welcomed by developing countries. College of Software has been approved to undertake this program since 2017. It is the only organizer of software engineering discipline in China, and also one of the China aid degree programs with the largest enrollment in China. The students are highly qualified after layers of strict screening. The program lasts for two years, with English teaching and thesis guidance. The success of the Master of Software Engineering program has greatly promoted the internationalization level of our university.

Other leaders of software college, Sun Wei, Xie Maoqiang, Zhang Yi, Wang Boyang and some teachers attended the ceremony.