The Software Engineering Major of the College was Examined by the Expert Team of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association

From September 21st to 23rd, the expert team of China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA) carried out an online on-site examination of engineering education accreditation for the Software Engineering major of the College. Liang Qi, deputy secretary of the University Party Committee, attended the event.

The expert team was led by Professor Wang Quan of Xidian University, and its members included Professor Hu Chengquan of Jilin University, Professor Feng Jun of Northwest University, Senior Engineer Tang Tian of Wuhan Ruanko Network Technology Co., Ltd., Professor Zhao Juanjuan of Taiyuan University of Technology, and Professor Zhao Huan of Hunan University.

On the afternoon of the 21st, the expert team meeting was held in the East General Operation Building of Jinnan Campus.

Liang Qi on behalf of Nankai University welcomed the expert team. He said that Nankai University attaches great importance to the professional accreditation, and hopes that the expert team will put forward valuable opinions for the work of the University and impart experience for professional accreditation to help improve the University’s talent training ability and make greater contributions to the country and society.

Professor Wang Quan on behalf of the expert team introduced the basic connotation of engineering education accreditation, and explained the purpose and content of the examination, and with the emphasis that the professional self-assessment report will be examined and verified according to the certification specifications. The relevant professional person of the university supplemented the presentation of the accreditation self-assessment report. The expert team asked questions on relevant issues, and the relevant person of the University replied.

On the 22nd, the expert team conducted a comprehensive examination of the major by online examination of professional laboratories, access to teaching materials and interviews with employers, alumni, teachers and students. On the 23rd, the expert team feedback meeting was held in the East General Operation Building of Jinnan Campus.

Professor Wang Quan, on behalf of the expert team, made general feedback on the examination of the Software Engineering major, and the members of the expert team supplemented their feedback and pointed out the advantages of the major and the aspects needs to be improved from the aspects of enrollment and training, training objectives, graduation requirements, continuous improvement, curriculum system, teaching team and supporting conditions, etc.

Liang Qi expressed his appreciation for the expert team’s pertinent comments. He said that the professional accreditation is of great significance, providing an all-round guarantee for the follow-up construction of the major, standardizing the University’s engineering talent training system, and promoting the overall improvement of the new engineering construction level of Nankai University. The University will introduce specific improvement measures based on the problems pointed out by experts and the suggestions put forward to continuously optimize the University’s education and teaching.

The heads of relevant functional departments and teaching units and representatives of teachers of the University participated in the examination activities.