The Graduation Ceremony of China Aid 2020 Master's Program of Software College was Successfully Held

Recently, the Commencement of Class 2020 Software Engineering Master Program of Nankai University was held in the Xingtan Lecture Hall of TEDA Campus. Former chairman of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and director of Haihe Laboratory of Information Technology Application Innovation, Mr. Gong Ke, deputy director of the Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of Tianjin Commerce Bureau, Ms. Li Liping, and deputy director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Binhai New Area Mr. Wang Pingfan, attended the commencement.

16 International students from 11 countries and regions, including Nepal, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Iraq, attended the commencement. The commencement began with the solemn national anthem. Gong Ke presented MOFCOM certificates of completion to the graduates one by one, and the guests presented souvenirs to the graduates.

Gong Ke extended cordial greetings to the international students. He used 5 keywords "BEGINNING, ENGINEER, GREENING, INTELLIGENCE, NANKAI" to encourage students to uphold the Nankai spirit, shoulder the mission, and make their own contributions to change the world and promote the development of the human society.

Wang Pingfan said that TEDA's human resource service exports have great potential, and he looks forward to a broader space for cooperation with international students in the future to jointly contribute to the construction of the "Belt and Road".

The person in charge of the College of Software congratulated the graduates and said that software engineering is a very rapidly developing industry and discipline, and hoped that international students would continue to uphold the Nankai school motto, make more contributions to their respective countries and nations, and maintain contacts, consolidate friendship, and cooperate and develop with China.

The representative of international student Mr. Alan thanked the Chinese government and Nankai University for the learning opportunities, expressed his sincere gratitude for the meticulous management of the college, and wished all students a promising future.

Since its establishment, the program aims to train high-end technical, economic, trade and management talents for recipient countries, and since its establishment, the program has played an important role in helping developing countries cultivate talents and promote foreign cooperation, and has been increasingly welcomed by developing countries.

Since 2017, the College of Software has been approved to undertake this project, which is the only organizer of software engineering in China, and this program is also one of the foreign degree programs with the largest enrollment in China. The students have been screened layer by layer and have high quality. The duration of the project is two years, and the teaching and thesis guidance are all in English. The successful holding of the Master of Software Engineering program has strongly promoted the internationalization process of our university.

Relevant leaders of the Graduate School, the College of International Education, and the College of Software, as well as some teachers and students attended the commencement.