Opening Ceremony of 2023 China Aid Degree Education Software Engineering Master Program was successfully held

(Junxia Yu)On the morning of October 9, the opening ceremony of 2023 China Aid Degree Education (Master of Software Engineering) program of Nankai University was held in the west auditorium of Jinnan campus. Fang Yongchun, vice president of Nankai University, Lei hao, deputy dean of Academy for International Business Officials, Ministry of Commerce, Gu Ximei,director of second section China Aid Training Program, AIBO, MOFCOM, Li Liping,deputy director of Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of Tianjin Commerce Bureau, second grade researcher, Wang Anbo, director of Tianjin TEDA Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shao Qinghui,Vice dean of Graduate School of Nankai University, and Zhang Yuzhi,Dean of Software College of Nankai University, attended the ceremony. The event was presided over by Hu Jun, secretary of the Party Committee of software college.

Forty-one students from fifteen countries and regions including Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Tanzania, attended the ceremony. The ceremony officially began with a solemn national anthem.

In his speech, President Fang Yongchun extended a warm welcome to the students to become Nankai people and introduced the history, current situation, cultural traditions and international exchanges of Nankai. Fang Yongchun said that the university attaches great importance to this China Aid master’s program and hopes that all the students will not only learn technology, knowledge and experience in Nankai, but also gain the friendly feelings of the Chinese people and the teachers and students of Nankai, and become a new force in the field f Internet and software engineering in the host country after returning home, but also become messengers to promote international friendly exchanges, and build a bridge of friendship for young people from all over the world to study and exchange in China.

Dean Lei Hao also expressed high hopes for the international students. He mentioned that the opening ceremony will be a memorable and important moment in the life of the international students because it will not only start their study in Nankai for the new two years, but also chart their life development direction and goals for many years to come. They are lucky because the will study in Nankai University, which is a century-old prestigious university in China, and software engineering is a very innovative and cutting-edge dominant discipline of Nankai. He hopes the students can study hard, think well and succeed in their studies.

Dean Zhang Yuzhi mentioned in his speech that software college will follow the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education, follow the purpose and philosophy of Nankai University, make every effort to arrange the courses for international students, and wish them to make academic progress, gain knowledge, gain ability, gain friendship and become a bridge and symbol of integration and cooperation between China and the world.

Professor Zhang Haining, the representative of teachers, Mr. Cadeira, the representative of international students, asl spoke respectively and they were full of expectations for the future teaching and learning.

The program of Academic and Degree Education for developing countries aims to train high-end talents in technology, economy, trade and management for recipient countries, Since its inception, the program has played an important role in helping developing countries to train talents and promote their foreign cooperation, and has been widely welcomed by developing countries. Software college has been approved to undertake this program since 2017. It is the only contractor of the software engineering discipline in China and one of the China Aid academic degree programs with the largest enrollment in China. The students are highly qualified after strict screening at various levels. The program duration is two years, with full English teaching and thesis guidance. The successful holding of the master of software engineering program has greatly promoted the internationalization level of our university.

The ceremony was attended by Wei Zhuo, director of the second China Aid project management division, AIBO, MOFCOM, deputy dean of software college Sun Wei and Zhang Yi, deputy secretary of software college Li Lin and some teachers and students.