International Students visited Haihe Laboratory

(Tian Shuyang) On May 30th, a delegation of foreign students from Nankai University, led by mentor of the Software college, visited Haihe Laboratory of Advanced Computing and Key Software  (hereinafter referred to as "IT Haihe Laboratory") to carry out in-depth international application promotion and technical exchange on the "the Belt and Road Initiative"(BRI) financial innovation platform project. At the same time, members of the openKylin community gave a detailed introduction to the open source operating system of openKylin and the construction of ecological community for the overseas students' delegation, aiming at further strengthening international exchanges and cooperation and promoting the innovative development and application promotion of scientific and technological products.

At the beginning, the delegation visited the exhibition hall of the laboratory and watched the application display of some scientific research achievements in the laboratory. Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions around the BRI financial innovation platform project. Ms. Tian, team member of the research project introduced the overall situation of the project in detail, including the project background, development goals and future strategic planning. The project aims to empower and facilitate trade through mobile payment technology, promote economic exchanges and cooperation among countries along the BRI, promote the coordinated development of related industries in local countries, and inject new impetus into regional economic development.

The team members of the project demonstrated the operation process of the payment system for the delegation, and invited overseas students to experience the convenience of the payment system. Participants spoke highly of the efficiency and convenience of mobile payment technology, and fully affirmed the practicality and forward-looking of the project.

During the meeting, international students spoke actively and discussed in depth the security of mobile payment technology, the feasibility of cross-border payment and localization adaptation. They agreed that the payment system, as an important infrastructure for economic activities, plays an important role in promoting the co-construction and exchanges and cooperation of the BRI countries and promoting digital transformation. They hope that in the future, with the support of national policies, they will further strengthen cooperation with IT Haihe Laboratory to jointly promote the innovation and development of financial technology.

In the afternoon, members of openKylin community gave a detailed introduction to the open source operating system of openKylin and the construction of ecological community for the delegation, and formally established an international user group. At the same time, the international promotion ambassador authorization certificate was issued to the international students who participated in community construction during the period. OpenKylin community members said that the promotion and exchange through IT Haihe Lab. platform aims to attract more international enthusiasts to join the community construction and further expand the international influence of the China-made operating systems.

This exchange meeting not only laid a solid foundation for the international promotion and application of the BRI financial innovation platform project, but also injected new impetus into the international promotion of openKylin community. Head of IT Haihe Laboratory said that in the future, it will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international partners, jointly promote the innovation and development of financial technology, and let countries and regions along the BRI route better share the fruits of globalization.