Jianyu Zhou


Title:Assistant Professor

Education:Ph.D. in Engineering

Major:Computer Science and Technology


Research direction:

Algorithm Design; Statistical Machine Learning; Computational Biology

1.Education and Work experience

lAssistant Professor, Nankai University, College of Software (Oct. 2020-now)

lPh.D., Tsinghua University, Department of Computer Science and Technology (Aug. 2015-Oct. 2020)

lB.S., Dalian University of Technology, School of Software Technology (Sept. 2011-June 2015)

lResearch Intern, Microsoft Research Asia, Software Analytics Group (May 2014-Nov. 2014)

lVisiting Scholar, University of California, Riverside, Department of Statistics (Jan. 2019-July 2019)


l2013 ACM/ICPC Asia Regional Contests, Silver Medal

l2017 Bioinformatics Conference in Tsinghua University, Best Poster Award

3. Publications

[1] Zhou J., Ma S., Wang D., Zeng J., & Jiang T. (2018). FreePSI: an alignment-free approach to estimating exon-inclusion ratios without a reference transcriptome.Nucleic Acids Research, 46(2), e11.

[2] Zhou J., Li P., Zeng W., Ma W., Lu Z., Jiang R., Zhang Q.C., & Jiang T. (2020). IRIS: A method for predicting in vivo RNA secondary structures using PARIS data.Quantitative Biology, 8, 369-381.

[3] Xu X., Zhou J., Liu Y., Xu Z., & Zhao X. (2015). Taxi-rs: Taxi-hunting recommendation system based on taxi GPS data.IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 16(4), 1716-1727.

[4] Li P., Wei Y., Mei M., Tang L., Sun L., Huang W., Zhou J., Zou C., Zhang S., Qin C., Jiang T., Dai J., Tan X., Zhang Q.C. (2018). Integrative analysis of Zika virus genome RNA structure reveals critical determinants of viral infectivity.Cell Host & Microbe, 24(6), pp.875-886.

[5] Li C., Xie W., Rosenblum J., Zhou J., Guo J., Miao Y., Shen Y., Wang H., Gong L., Li M., et al. (2020). SF3B1 hotspot mutation in lactotroph adenomas.Nature Communications, 11(1), 1-13.

[6] Wu J., He Z., Gu F., Liu X., Zhou J., & Yang C. (2016). Computing exact permutation p-values for association rules.Information Sciences, 346, 146-162.

[7] Xu C., Liu Q., Zhou J., Xie M., Feng J., & Jiang T. (2019). Quantifying functional impact of non-coding variants with multi-task Bayesian neural network.Bioinformatics, 36(5), 1397-1404.

4. Social Appointments

lMember of the Intelligent Health and Bioinformatics Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of Automation

lMember of the National Virtual Teaching and Research Lab of the Computer System Course

lMember of Xinchuang Haihe Lab

lSpecial Issue Associate Editor ofFrontiers in Plant Science