Li Xudong

Name: Li Xudong

Title: Associate Professor

Education: Doctor in Nankai

Major: Control Theory and Control Engineering


Research direction:

Operating System, General Computing, Distributed Storage, Industrial Software

1.Education and Work experience

Bachelor's and graduate degrees in Nankai University

Work at Nankai Universityfrom 2003

2. Achievements

Propose a genetic algorithm that introduces non-natural rules to break through the constraints of natural evolution rules;

Propose information security protection methods and systems under the real name system, without the need to disclose user identity verification under real information, providing privacy protection for internet users;

Propose a distributed virtual computing environment with process granularity to provide all kinds services for ultra large-scale users.

3. Publications


SwordNet: Chinese Character Font Style Recognition Network. IEEE Access 10 (2022): 8388–98.

Random perturbation order preserving distribution encryption. IEEE Access 9, (2021), 165568–165575. DOI:

Metadata Considered Harmful … to Deduplication, The 7th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Storage and File Systems (HotStorage 15), SANTA CLARA, CA, July 2015

MFS: A Lightweight Block-Level Local Mirror of Remote File System. Journal of Software, Vol 8, No 6 (2013)

Freezing and Unfreezing for Process with Multi-file Handles Based on WRK . Computer Engineering, 2010 Vol. 36 (20): 74-77


An Oriented-Unified Interface runtime system and method. China: CN105975261A,2016-09-28. (Authorized)

A Personal Information Protection System Under Real Name Requirement. China: CN105978855A,2016-09-28. (Authorized)

A Method of File Fragmentation System Based On Hotspot. China: CN104933169A,2015-09-23. (Authorized)

A Virtual File System With Supporting Extended Functions. China: CN104573061A,2015-04-29. (Authorized)

A Virtual Computing Environment System Based On Process Granularity. China: CN103810019A,2014-05-21. (Authorized)

4. Social Appointments

Reviewer of Computer Journals