Introduction of Foreign Aid Education

Since 2017, Nankai University is approved by the Ministry of Commerce, to undertake the Master of Software Engineering Program (2-year master program). The College of Software now is enrolling the fifth batch of students, cultivating talents, enable them to master the frontier technology in Software; establish professional mode of thinking; get firm grasp of professional technology and skills in Software and relevant subjects so as to improve the service level of their home countries.

Admission requirements include bachelor degree, relevant working experiences, and decent physical conditions, essential for the high-compact curriculum needed for the degrees.

Our prospective students are mid-to-senior level officials or technical managers from the government, universities, research institutions and other public sectors, who meet the academic required by Nankai University, have relevant IT degrees, and good mastery of English language. 

It aims at cultivating high-end, compound, applicative talents in the field of Software and Computer.

The project is set as the master of software engineering major for two years. All courses and instructors of the project are taught and guided in English. The project attaches importance to cultivating students' practical application and practical ability.

So far, 115 students have successfully graduated, 34 are studying, 25 are planned to enroll in 2021 (delayed enrollment, it is in progress), and 40 are planned to enroll in 2022.